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ooc: Hi. I read your review of Wizard and really liked it, but what do you think of Mayu Inamori? I have a reason for asking, since I RP her and am curious~

Awe, thank you! I’m glad you liked my review. Hmm… my thoughts on Inamori Mayu… I’d be more than happy to tell you.

When it comes to Mayu’s character overall I found her very realistic and understanding, based upon the path she took, the actions she made, and the decisions she had to come to, throughout the show. As I watched her character develop, I felt like I was watching someone who was performing very realistic reactions and actions on screen. Nothing was subtle or blown out of proportion, but rather came off as something that I could see a real individual doing. Which, sometimes is hard to see in a lot of shows… Especially, for kids…

She lost her twin sister and obviously the grief and desire to avenge her was understandable. Heck, if I lost my sibling (while he is not my twin and is younger than me… he’s still my adorable, devious little brother) I would do the same thing as her. I would’ve taken the opportunity that she was granted by the White Wizard, if it meant that I could partially heal a deep wound within me. I sympathized for her and the position she was in and found it rather brave of her to wage fights against someone who bares the face of her sister, but the soul of a monster.

In fact, I think that action alone would take a lot of courage to do. I can only imagine the conflicting mental battles she had within her head, while she fought against Medusa. She had to eventually realize how to put her head over her heart, in these cases. Eventually, Mayu learned that while she might not completely have the heart to fight someone with the face of her sister, she had the knowledge to realize that the more suitable way to handle the situation meant pushing back her emotions for a moment. Not completely, because they couldn’t be abandoned or forgotten, but only during times where she needed a stable and clear mind on her shoulders. Those moments I thought were some of the strongest, with her character.

So, clearly Mayu had developed a good mindset, when situations called for it. She grasped the mental side of her mind, but what about the emotional? Well, this side of the spectrum can be seen near the last handful of episodes, within the season. When the White Wizard was starting to reveal his true colors. While, she was able to place logic in front of her, when facing Medusa, the situation became different when she started realizing the dark secrets behind her master. In this case, Mayu was once again standing upon two conflicting sides. However, here she followed her heart instead of her head and was able to understand that while the White Wizard gave her the power to expand her gifts and fight Medusa, that did not mean that the cruel actions that he was performing were acceptable either. This explains why, after much thought, she finally took action, by going against the White Wizard’s desires. Thus, proving once again how she was able to understand and take proper action upon a situation with conflicting sides.

So, overall, what do I think of Mayu? She’s a very strong, young girl. Mayu was able to understand when to use her head in certain situations, and in others use her heart. She had a good balance between the opposing sides. Furthermore, that is what I also believe was her greatest strength, as a character: her ability to confront conflicting situations, whether externally or internally, and make the right decision upon which side (head or heart) she allows to take control. Mayu was also a strong fighter. Although, she was not the best in combat, when compared to others, she still showed her passion and determination in each strike she made. 

So, yeah! I liked Mayu. She seemed like a very realistic, balanced, and well developed character to me. And, since I have a hard time liking girl characters in shows this is saying a lot. Haha! 

Well, there you go! That’s my extensive opinion/evaluation upon Mayu! Haha! Sorry if this was a little shocking or overwhelming to read… I hope my words helped and thanks again for you kind comment. Adiós! :)

And the Next Kamen Rider I am Watching Is Going to Be!!!…


Okay, this may not be much of a surprise to some people, but actually there was a lot of debate going on in my head, as to whether or not I should watch this season next. Not because I think it’s going to be bad… but because it is ongoing… And, there is nothing wrong with watching a series that is ongoing!! It’s just sometimes I run the risk of dropping shows like this early, because I’m too lazy to wait for the next episode… I’M LAZY, I KNOW!!! Haha! XD

Regardless, I guess I’m up for the risk because something about Gaim had to really peak my interest, to the point where I am choosing to make such an unusual move. I mean… come on… it’s a season of heroes dressed as fruit… how does that not receive any attention?!? Haha! 

Well, since it is ongoing my review over it will have to wait, of course, till the end. Which, won’t be for a couple of months. Regardless, I look forward to seeing this season and what it has to offer. Stay tuned for the oncoming overload of Gaim blogs that are bound to come into my blog! Haha! Now, let’s do this!~ :)

(I didn’t know what the catchphrase for this season’s hero was so I just went with this, but oh well I’m bound to find out what it really is soon, but regardless I’m going to keep it because I’m too lazy to look it up and change it and for some reason I kind of want it to be a surprise and now I’m going to stop because this comment is turning into one hell of a run on sentence and I’m to lazy to go back and fix that haha… FRUIT!!!~)

Kamen Rider Wizard!!

It’s showtime!~

Or, lunchtime!…

Or breakfast time…

Ugh, whatever… Haha!

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile, but after battling through multiple projects, agonizing assignments, and dreaded deadlines these past several weeks, I have finally finished watching Kamen Rider Wizard! 

*a roar of applause echoes in the background*

Ugh! This season took so long to finish… stupid college… but, I did it! Whoo hoo! So, now that it’s done what do I think of it?!?!

… uh… Cool! :)

Haha! Yep! If I were to rank this season… out of the list that I have going so far… I would say that it would be tied at third place with Kamen Rider Fourze. This is because even though this season didn’t exceed previous ones in my opinion, like W and OOO, I still very much enjoyed it and didn’t think of it as anything less interesting or engaging as Fourze. So, it’s a tie! :D 

Well, regardless of where it stands it was still a fun season to watch. There were many elements to this magical mayhem that I enjoyed and I can’t help but deem this season as somewhat… FABULOUS!~

Okay, first off, I loved the protagonist. Damn, Soma Haruto was a combination of characteristics in a character that I like so much! He was sweet, but serious; adorable, but badass; and he makes the cutest faces ever! ^^ Oh, and his obsession over plain sugar donuts is really cute too!~ I liked Haruto’s backstory and the challenges and successes his history brought with him, throughout the season. It really showed not only how strong this whimsical wizard could be, but also how weak as well. Thus, showing the complexity of his rather relatable character. Furthermore, I loved the connection he shared with people, whether they were his close comrades, simple strangers, or guarded gates. The passion and determination he showed, with trying to be people’s last hope was a lot of times a very moving and heart-warming scene to see. Haruto constantly proved that he would risk almost anything for anyone, so that they would never go through the same amount of pain that he did. This trait really stood out to me, from his character, and made me love him that much more :)

Also, I liked Kosuke Nitoh. While, he may not be my favorite Kamen Rider of all time, he was still fun to watch and his obsession with mayonnaise truly makes him one unique guy. Although, what is with this season and random food obsessions?… weird… Anyways! Nitoh was badass, but also quite a goof ball, which made him a treat to watch sometimes. While, I wish there was a little more development with his character, seeing how I feel like for some reason he was lacking something (… maybe a better backstory…) I am pretty content with what I got. So, yep! Nitoh you’re a cool dude. Juuuuust don’t let anybody near you when you are cooking meals, with kitchen appliances that require gas… it usually doesn’t end well…

As for the other characters within the show, such as Shigeru Wajima, Koyomi, Nara Shunpei, and Daimon Rinko, I found these allies overall fair and enjoyable. I thought Koyomi’s set up and backstory was creative and Wajima was a cool guy, who could bust out badass rings in a heartbeat. Shunpei was fun and innocent. And, Rinko… got on my nerves sometimes… but, overall she was okay. I do prefer her over Hina from Kamen Rider OOO, if that says anything… Overall, I thought all these characters did a decent job, with acting as proper support systems and engaging additions to the story.

But, what about the villains? Well… they weren’t terrible… but, to be honest I wasn’t really invested in for most of the season… especially, in the beginning… Once, their origins were revealed that’s when they became more interesting, but even after those brief peaks they still hit a points where I almost felt a little bored when watching them… maybe I just got hit by Haruto’s sleep, please~ ring. I don’t know. I think my interest for the villains in this season didn’t really hit until the very end, when all their secrets were revealed! Wow! Mind blown!!! Haha! Actually, I kind of saw most of them coming, but oh well!! In general, the villains were okay. Not the best in my opinion, but also not the worst. I just wish they had more interesting personalities or characteristics to them… you know… besides their clothes…

When it comes the plot, the story seemed pretty well paced, decently detailed, and looooooooong. Damn, this season was long! Ugh! But, it was still worth the watch. Whew~ :) I really didn’t have any problems with the plot, besides the lack of backstories in some characters and a couple other nitpicks, but… oh well~ :D

Now for some random thoughts upon the season! Whoo hoo!

Okay… I will get straight to the point… Kamen Rider Wizard’s outfit is awesome!! Literally, badass!! Hands down my favorite design for this series so far. Ugh! It’s so cool… and colorful… and sparkly… and shiny… yeah… Haha! Also, the actions scenes were great! I always enjoyed watching them. They came off very creative and fast paced. And, those circles that Haruto could reach into and pull off crazy stunts, like revealing gun and firing it at the Phantoms, like a boss… just… really cool… Haha! However, while the costume and actions scenes were amazing, the theme song was… meh… It took me a while to warm up to it… let’s just say that…

Okay, I’m done with my random ramble… Hehe! :3

So! Overall, I enjoyed watching Kamen Rider Wizard. It was one heck of a magical adventure filled with robotic mystical beings, dazzling magical rings, and a lot of delicious donuts!!! The protagonist was awesome, the supporting characters were fair, the villains could use a little work (but, in the end I guess it kind of paid of, when the big, bad boss was revealed), the costume designs were fucking amazing, the action scenes were great, the theme song was okay, and the backstories were creative and well done (and perhaps one of the strongest points to the season). I would highly recommend Wizard to anybody! As long as you have a liking for donuts, magic, and fancy finger accessories you can’t really go wrong with this season. Heck, even without those interests you can’t go wrong. While the villains lacked strong backstories, when compared to the main characters, I found this season to be a fantastic fantasy. Maybe, not my favorite season, but it was highly enjoyable nonetheless. Check it out, please~

Now, off to the next season (whatever it may be)! However, until then just remember to stay fabulous and shabadoobie, touch to henshin~ Flame, please~ :) 

Burn, Burn, Burn, Burn, BURN!!! But, don’t burn too much darlings or you’ll explode like Nitoh’s cooking skills~ Haha! Enjoy! :)