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Lately, I have been seeing a lot of people struggling to find good fanfiction of SHINee. So, to try and help with this little situation I decided to create a list of some of my favorite Jongkey/2min stories. Yes, these fanfics will only be centered around Jongkey and/or 2min… I’m sorry… but, hopefully for those who are looking for stories with these pairings they will find this information useful. If you want anymore links, suggestions, or even another fanfic rec. post just let me know!

Well, hope this list is helpful to you guys! Enjoy these stories and have a wonderful day~ *hugs* :)





Captain’s Boyfriend by (goomiho)

Warnings: [PG-13]
Summary: Kibum gets bullied by a group of students and Jjong, the captain of the high school football team, comes to protect him (I had to make up this description, since there wasn’t really one… I’m sorry…).

ΑΣΦ (Alpha Sigma Phi) by (goomiho)

Warnings: [PG-13]; College!AU
Summary: Jonghyun couldn’t seem to help himself, when he fell in love with his college roommate, Kim Kibum (… had to make this one up too…).

2098 {BROKEN WORLD}by (goomiho)

Warnings: [NC-17]; Sci-fi!AU
Summary: Jonghyun walked into his apartment, only to find it a complete mess and his lover throwing things carelessly out of a drawer…

Tears and Kissesby (goomiho)

Warnings: [PG]; angst(ish?)
Summary: Jonghyun leaves for the military in the morning and Kibum can no longer contain his feelings.

Ibalsa by (goomiho)

Warnings: [NC-17]; Barber shop!AU; smut
Summary: Kibum is a regular customer at the hair salon ibalsa and the salon owner’s handsome nephew might be the reason why.


One Shots:

February Air by (ExcuseMeHotChocolate)

Warnings: [PG]; fluff
Summary: Kibum hates the cold and all winter activities. Jonghyun has a special Valentine’s Day surprise for him.

From Nothing To Something by (jongkey2012)

Warning: [PG]; fluff
Summary: Jonghyun loved working at the coffee shop, loving the warm, cosy atmosphere yet there was always one boy who came in but never ordered a thing. Just sat on the lone table by the window looking lost and defeated, it has been many weeks since the boy started to come to the shop and Jonghyun was desprate to know the fragile, broken looking feline boy.

Bad To The Bone by (effelunt)

Warnings: [M]; smut
Summary: Used to being used, Key just wants to feel wanted, and surprisingly finds himself one night being admired by the last person he expected. Turns out not that not behind every bad boy is a bad person.

Santa Baby by (jongkey2012)

Warnings: [M]; smut
Summary: What started as a bit of innocent fun dressing up as a gangsta santa and his reindeer turned into a rather hot and y session between the two lover’s. who knew dressing up could cause so much fun.

You Won’t Come Back by (shineekitten)

Warnings: [M]; Mermaid;Key, fantasy
Summary: Since before he could remember he’d heard stories about the depths of the ocean. How cruel the water could be. He’d been told of pirates, great beasts and tricksters of the sea, the kind any sailor should be wary of. The most stories he had ever heard though, were of mermaids.

The Prince’s Lion by (gu_miho)

Warnings: [NC-17]; Fantasy!AU
Summary: The lion was the symbol of power, strength and pride. It was tradition for the royal family to give the first son, and thus the heir to the throne, a lion cub, which would grow with him, until the Prince would reach the proper age to accept the crown.

Not Different, Just Special by (gu_miho)

Warnings: [PG-13]; fluff; Schizophrenic!Kibum
Summary: In Jonghyun’s eyes Kibum wasn’t different, just special, so special that the younger captured his heart in an instant.



33 Ways to Seduce Kim Kibum by (dubu_dubu)

Warnings: [PG-13]; University!AU 
Summary: In which Jonghyun recruits the assistance of not one but four alpacas, Kibum is like a sexy unicorn in a karaoke room, Jinki applies operant conditioning, Taemin is full of infinite wisdom, and Minho is a dick.

Demon’s Favorite Doll by (gu_miho)

Warnings: [NC-17]; smut; Demon;Jjong
Summary: He had pale skin, beautiful eyes and rosy lips, just like a porcelain doll and Jonghyun wanted that doll. But just like porcelain this human was fragile, too.

Just A Game by (cuethemusicc)

Warnings: [NC-17]
Summary: Jonghyun and Onew create a virtual reality game and Jonghyun falls in love with a glitch.





Anonymous by (goomiho

Warnings: [PG-13]; smut(ish?)
Summary: Taemin and Minho’s first time (the story didn’t have a title so… sorry… I was not going to give it one… not my place…).


One Shots:

Let’s Make The Most by (CallMeUmma)

Warnings: [PG-13]
Summary: Taemin never liked going out much. One day when Key forces him to clubbing, he meets up with a childhood enemy. Now then, wasn’t that just wonderful?

Nightmare by (onyuuu)

Warnings: [M]; smut (small scene)
Summary: Taemin has a nightmare and that somehow leads to him being on Minho’s bed with no shirt on.

Playing Doctor by (alevuy95)

Warnings: [PG]; fluff
Summary: In which Taemin is sick and Minho is left with no other choice to take care of his one and only dongsaeng.

Class President by (alevuy95)

Warnings: [PG-13]; fluff
Summary: In which Taemin, the shy class president, is pressured by his friends to help the class’ wallflower, Choi Minho, fit in. 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday by (sugarkookies)

Warnings: [PG]; fluff
Summary: Minho was a shopkeeper who owned a small, quaint, and beautifully-decorated bakery at the corner of the street. Taemin was the nameless customer who came three times a week, at nine a.m. on the dot, to get his fix of a nice cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin.



(I just realized that I have zero stories with only 2min as the focus… oops… I thought I had some though… Well, if you do want to see 2min in a chaptered story check out the Jongkey/2min section just below :))




One Shots:

Sick Day by (2minLOVEforever)

Warnings: [PG]; side!2min
Summary: Kibum is braving the storm alone and miserable after being told to stay and rest for a simple cold gone bad. Will he be able to take care of himself or will a certain puppy have to come to help the sick kitty?



I’m Straight, Hyung! by (gu_miho)

Warning: [M]; side!2min
Summary: A tragic story of four boys, who found love but their love was forbidden, threatened to shatter. They were trapped in a cage, they can’t break out of. A leader feeling helpless and weak and fear covering their hearts. What happens when fame tries to break them apart? Can they protect their love, friendship, and dreams?

When Four Thieves Steal A Prince by (DazzlingTaemint)

Warnings: [PG-13]; drama; fantasy; side!Jongkey
Summary: The description for this story is actually quite long… but, I would highly recommend it. It’s really good :)

You’re A Boy? by (hykj86)

Warnings: [M]; side!Jongkey
Summary: Once again, long description but I would highly recommend checking it out :)


** I did not put all of my favorite stories on this list! If you want more message me for another fanfiction recommendation list~ :)**

how to find shinee fics on LJ.


recently i saw a good number of people saying that browsing LJ and finding shinee fics there is really difficult for them and they don’t know how to do it. i think, even if the amount of authors posting on LJ is smaller now, it’s really easy to find at least older fics on it. back in the day LJ was the primary source of fics and all authors took care to make their fics easy to find.

because there’s a lot of new fans in the fandom, i don’t think they’re well acquainted with the communities on LJ. if you’re one of those fans and LJ seems scary to you, there’s some info on how to find fics under the cut.

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I don’t think people give Flash enough credit.

…………….my goodness

He didn’t just rebuild an apartment building.


This is one of my favorite flash comics. It really highlights how the flash doesn’t just run really fast, but can do absolutely astounding things. I remember reading this for the first time and having my head explode. 

Flash rules.

Flash is actually really freaking awesome.

to quote Hal Jordan: “the fastest man alive was always late because he stopped to befriend the people he saved”

Barry Allen is a sweetheart

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